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Of racing cars & awestruck men – Punjab RC Club meets Gadgets and more

January 24th, 2012

LUDHIANA: Here’s one that will make all Ludhianvis puff with pride: The city is home to Punjab’s first Radio Control (RC) Racing Club that boast of some of the best racing cars in the world.

On Monday afternoon, when owners of Radio Control street trucks and racing coupes met members of a tech-savvy club, ‘Gadgets & more’ in South City, they were left awestruck by the display of gadgets. Even passers-by were pretty amazed to see helicopters and planes that flew 200 metres up in the sky.

There was a small car that ran at a speed of more than 100km per hour. “It was an amazing experience with the RC Club. We got to experience amazing machines and the day was unforgettable,” said Nishant Jairath, creator of ‘Gadgets and More’ and resident of Sarabha Nagar.

Gurdev Nagar-resident Harjinder Singh said, “As a gadget freak and member of ‘Gadgets and More,’ I expanded my knowledge and interest. I plan to own radio controlled car and race it on Ludhiana streets.”

Harkirat Singh Ryait, owner of RC racing club and resident of BRS Nagar, said he has a passion for fast moving cars. “I have the world’s largest radio controlled car named ‘Baja 5 T’,” he said.

The adventure of flying a radio controlled helicopter or racing a radio controlled car is unmatchable,” said Ankit Dadu, a resident of Shamsher Avenue.

SOURCE : Times of India

It pays to be a kid in Ludhiana!

January 18th, 2012

A survey reveals that children in city get more pocket money than kids in any other district of the country
Nitin, son of a Ludhiana-based industrialist, gets pocket money that makes many of his friends and classmates envious as they barely get about half of what he does. According to a survey, children in the city get more pocket money than kids in other districts of the country.
The results of the survey set the alarm bells ringing among parents as most were a little concerned to find their kids were flush with cash. But according to experts, giving pocket money to kids is important as they should be made to understand the value of money. In a city where mall culture is catching up, it is all the more important for children to know the value of money.

“It is necessary to make children learn the value of money before handing them out large sums of cash,” says city-based psychologist Param Saini. Children only copy the mannerisms of parents; so flaunting money would set a wrong example to their children, she says. Care should be taken to know how kids are spending the money and they should be guided accordingly.

“I give my child five hundred rupees every month and I advise him to save the money to buy the things that he wants,” says Sumit Verma, a banker. “He has learnt to save money, has bought a wallet, and purchases his stationery and other things he wants. I occasionally reduce or increase the money so that he understands how to adjust accordingly,” he says.

Aisi Hai Kuch Hamari LUDHIANA ki Yaadein

January 15th, 2012

Wo Kipps Market Ki Shaam
Wo Park Plaza Ka Jaam
Wo Mall Road Ki Hawa
Wo Fountain Chowk Ki Thandak
Wo Waves Ka Mazaa
Wo Hot Breads Ka Paasta
Wo South City Ka Raasta
Wo Kapsons Ki Shopping
Wo Mobile Ki Talking
Wo Kachori Aur Ghevar
Wo Nikkamal Ke Zevar
Wo Raat-Raat Bhar night-outs
Wo Pandit Ke Paranthe
Wo Yellow Chilli Ki Kali Daal
Wo College Ke Saal
Wo Bikes Pe Jaana RDB Fort
Wo Ghar Pahunchna Exam Report
Wo Ladai Mai Pada Mukka
Wo Mr. Beans Ka Hookah
Wo Khushi Eam Ke Ladoo
Wo Jhandoo Ki Poori
Wo Oberoi ke Bhature
Wo Hoshiarpuri Chat
Wo Basant Ki Kulfi
Wo Rawat Ki Fruit-cream
Wo Maharaja Ka Dosa
Wo College Road Ka Samosa
Wo Activas Atke
Wo Model Town Ki Sadke
Jaha Kitne DIL Dharke
Wo Masti Ki Batein
Wo Sukh Dukh Ki Mulakatein
Aisi Hai Kuch Humare
LUDHIANA ki Yaadein..
Meri city

Ludhiana catches Facebook fever, ‘I Love Ludhiana’ page gets thousands of Likes

January 12th, 2012

LUDHIANA: There’s a new address in town that Ludhianvis are scampering to – an ‘I love Ludhiana’ page on Facebook. With over a lakh hits every day and 33,500 likes from residents, the page is fast becoming the page to be on among netizens in the city. Friends Raman Singh and Harjinder Singh Kukreja – the hands and mind behind the page – are not really surprised.

“Social networking is a strong medium. If used sensibly it can help save lives,” said Harjinder, a restauranteur and co-administrator of the page.

Tapping the power and reach of social networking sites, the friends are using the page to invoke Ludhianvi pride, promote events in the city, broadcast social and religious messages and highlight problems faced by city residents. “The page has more readership than some newspapers,” added Harjinder, a resident of Gurdev Nagar.

The other administrator of the page, Raman said it is very satisfying to reach thousands of people from their home city every day. “For us this is an opportunity to reach out and inspire fellow Ludhianvis to make a positive difference in society,” added Raman, a final year student of Khalsa College.

The tech-savvy duo want to transform the way Ludhiana connects with their page. “By the end of 2012, we are aiming at one lakh ‘likes’ for the page,” said Raman, who lives in Sargodha Colony.

Talking about the benefits of the medium, Harjinder said he had once shared information about friend’s grandfather’s health and that he urgently required blood. “My friend got more than 50 phone calls from willing donors within 30 minutes of the information going online,” he said.

Nodding in agreement, Raman said he promoted an artist friend’s exhibition on the page and among those who showed up at the exhibition, about 100 people said they got to know about the event from the Facebook page. “And for Ludhianvis living abroad, this page is a connect back home, with their city and it’s pulse just a click away,” Raman added.


About 60% users on page are between 18 and 24 years old while less than 6% are above 35. Only 31% users are females compared to the 69% males on the page. Over 5,000 users on the page are Ludhianvis living in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

To join the Ludhiana bandwagon, search for I Love Ludhiana or visit

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