Visit Izmir – Western Turkey πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

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Yes! Izmir!

What an honour it was to visit Turkey’s  3 largest city. All thanks to the awesome, friendly and culturally rich people. Surrounded by the Bay of Δ°zmir, Izmir has been an important Aegean port since forever, when it was the Greek city of Smyrna! 

Izmir’s rich and amazing heritage showcases the fact that it has been the home of Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Levantines and Turks over the past hundreds of years. It is no longer as diverse as it was, it still has resident Jewish and Levantine communities and its unique and delicious cuisine comes along with it!

The best place according to me in Izmir is Ephesus. It was a huge bucket on my list of places to visit and finally I got to visit the legendary Ephesus and Check it off my list. 

The bazaars of Izmir are extraordinary and not-anywhere-else in the world types, an impressive museum of history and art.

Spending 3 days in Izmir is must-do if you’re visiting Turkey. I would go a step further and say, your Turkish exploration is not complete without visiting Izmir! I so want to go back to Izmir with my beautiful wife and kids! πŸ’•πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·


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