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Visually-impaired Jyoti Parmar has a vision – to enable others like her lead an independent life

July 23rd, 2011

Her eyes are set on a goal ‘ making visually impaired self-reliant. On her noble journey, Jyoti Parmar, 45, has taught 30 such persons how to write their name. Besides, she has been teaching English and social studies since 18 years at Braille Bhawan, Jamalpur. And while treading this path, she has not let her handicap be a barrier ‘ she had lost her vision when she was eight.

”Eight months ago, a school peon came to me with an attendance register. Assuming that I would not be able to sign, he sought my thumb impression. That day, I decided to change people’s perception towards us and started teaching my colleagues, friends and students how to write their name on paper. Now, there are others too who are learning it,” she smiled.

A resident of Jamalpur, Jyoti has undergone cornea transplant surgery many a time. ”But, I do not feel less blessed. As, I can even use ATM cards and sign cheque books. I am not dependent on anyone and I want others like me to be independent too. I feel very happy when I find them writing. It encourages me to go further,” said Jyoti, who has done MPhil in public administration from Punjabi University.

Her husband, Jaswinder Singh, and two daughters support her at every step. ”I have a better vision than a normal person, as I want to see visually-impaired people rising,” she said. ”It’s my responsibility to give them what I have. I plan to visit National Institute for Visually Handicapped, Dehradun, to appeal to it to add signature writing to the visually-impaired’s syllabus. It will make them more confident,” she added.

Sangeeta, a teacher in Braille Bhawan, said she used to feel helpless and low when people treated her as disabled. ”But after learning how to write my name, I feel confident. It has given me the will to learn more, as I am not less than anyone.”

Prem, another teacher, said, ”Jyoti has given me a reason to smile and live my life independently. My family feels proud when I write my signature. They are happy for me and want me to learn computers too.”

SOURCE – Times of India

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