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Ludhiana’s Tech Geeks Share Gadget Gyan

August 30th, 2011

Thirty suave and savvy men get along to talk all they know of their machine

Ludhiana: Geeks of technology from across Ludhiana and Jalandhar got together along with their gadgets for the first Ludhiana Gadget Tweetup on Sunday afternoon at a cafe in the city. The thirty odd members comprised industrialists, software technocrats, doctors, DJs, restaurant owners and students. The meet was organized by industrialist, Nishant Jairath and IT professional, Preet Chandhoke.

After a quick round of introductions, Nishant Jairath started the meet by setting up a wireless network for all the geeks to access internet. The topics hopped from mobile phones to operating systems like Android and from various applications to tablets. The gadget freaks discussed the ways to enhance user experience and the ways to enhance a gadget’s performance.

DJ Bhanu and DJ Karan apprised everyone about various applications available on mobile phones and tablets for DJs. Industrialists were keen to know about the usage of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and accessing software packages on mobile phones and tablets. The also inquired about ways to control and manage the flow of information. The gadget gurus shared suggestions on how to use Google apps for businesses to enhance productivity and to bring down the cost of network infrastructure by using cloud solutions by Zoho and Google apps.

They also discussed the ways to overcome the problems faced by network operators in providing 3G services in the region and explored Apple’s new technologies – AirPrint and AirPlay – apart from pondering over the proposed business plans of the company.

Then came the time to discuss wheels, engines, breaks, performance and others mechanics as Mercedes and Audi replaced Apple and Microsoft in the geeks’ conversations. The highlight of the conversation was a drone aircraft controlled through an iPhone by Nishant.

Hotelier Harjinder Singh had brought a surprise cake for everyone present at the Gadget Tweetup. He said, “I used to believe I was a techno freak but I was amazed to see the interest and depth of information of these gadget geeks today”.

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