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Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and Hi5 are the latest names given by Ludhianvis to their pets

May 28th, 2011

LUDHIANA: If you thought ‘Facebook’, ‘Orkut’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘Hi5’ are networking sites, here’s news for you ‘ they are the latest names that are doing rounds among pet owners in the city. Known for doing things differently, Ludhianvis are on the lookout for names of pets that raise eyebrows.
Surender Singh, a resident of Model Town, has two Saint Bernard dogs at home and has named them ‘Orkut’ and ‘Twitter’. ”Actually I bought them one year ago when these social networking sites were very popular. I love my pets’ names as it not only sounds very modern/contemporary but also makes me feel cool among my friends,” he said.

Raj Guru Nagar-resident Neeraj Chaddha has had two pets for a long time now but it has been only a couple of months since he has rechristened them as ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’. Talking about how his dogs got new names, Neeraj said, ”While I spend a lot of time on networking sites, my mom is forced to take care of the pets. So she started calling the dogs ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ to tease me and stop me from spending so much time online. The names stuck to the dogs and that’s what everybody calls them now.”

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