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7 ways to engage with Sangat on your Gurudwara’s Facebook page

March 24th, 2011

A lot of Gurudwaras are beginning to use Facebook pages to connect and communicate with Sangat both inside and outside of the Gurudwara. Unfortunately, though, a lot of Gurudwara Facebook pages look like the Sunday bulletin – lots of announcements and no interaction.

While using Facebook to communicate news to Gurudwara members who are on Facebook is one strategy and if that’s all your Gurudwara does with it’s Facebook page, you’re missing out on the social and relational potential of the social network. So, here are…

7 ways to engage with Sangat on your Gurudwara’s Facebook page

1. Ask open ended spiritual questions. Which Gurbani verse inspires you the most ? Where have you seen Waheguru (God) at work in your life this week ?

2. Share an interesting news article or video & ask for comments.
Australia appoints it’s first Sikh police officer. Share news and videos that interests the Sikh masses. Now that’s engagement!

3. Encourage people to share why they love wearing their Turban or what inspires them about being Sikhs.

4. Post pictures or videos related to events like Nagar Kirtan and Langar during Gurpurabs .

5. Ask people to share something about themselves. How often do they visit the Gurudwara ? In future how are they willing to contribute to the Gurudwara ?

6. Ask people to share a photo. Recently a church did a series on marriage and asked people to send wedding pictures to the church for use in the service. We can also asked people to post pictures of their Anand Karaj to the Gurudwara’s Facebook page.

7. Post content from Kirtan Darbars and Samagams. Notes, audio, or video of the message are great too. Try to add a comment or question that will provoke discussion.

Remember, don’t just start the conversation and run. Engaging with people means respond to comments.

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