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Sachin Tendulkar’s WAX STATUE catches the attention of most of Ludhiana’s Media

March 20th, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar was in Ludhiana today. Well, almost. His wax-look alike, ably sculptured by wax artist Prabhakar did the honors of sharing a 30-kgs cake, celebrating Sachin’s unique feat with hundreds of Sachin admirers celebrating the hundredth hundred, on the pitch at the upmarket Sarabha Nagar market here today.

The wax statue of Sachin was especially brought on the field by the wax artist as a special tribute for the special occasion on the invitation of Harjinder Singh, a bakery and restauraurant owner in Sarabha Nagar Market. Prabhakar could be seen enjoying from ear to ear when people mistook the statue for real. He was particularly happy to see young people appreciating his work amidst the fun and frolic. It was amazing to see that the generation-next was interested to know more about his Madame Tussad-like museum.

Young boys and girls danced to the tune of the latest Punjabi and Hindi songs. Known for his perfect timing and managing ability, Harjinder Singh, the organiser of the gala celebration played old songs of Sachin Dev Burman, from whose name Sachin’s father gave him his first name.

As Sachin’s 100th ton is talk of the world, Cricket is in the air. Ludhiana – not known much as cricket city was not to be left behind. “We were planning on the cake since the time Sachin was planning to reach the target”, said Harjinder Singh of Hot Breads and Yellow Chilli, which put together the huge cake with aplomb.
It is not that it was a youth show alone. Erstwhile cricketer and Punjab Cricket Board Selector Chaman Lal was also present. He told the young audience, “One day we should have a Sachin from Punjab.” That was the icing on the Hot Breads’ Cricket cake.

Flash Mob takes Ludhiana by surprise – The Tribune (Ludhiana Stories)

March 17th, 2012

‘Flash mob’ takes city residents by surprise
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 4
In what took city residents by surprise, a group of people broke out in a sudden dance, piquing the interest of onlookers.

It was at about 5 pm when the “flash mob” started dancing in the main market of Sarabha Nagar for about 10 minutes.

This was the second such event in the city, but first time in the open.

People of all ages and from different walks of life let their hair loose as they performed impromptu on various songs, including Desi Girl, Desi Boys, Senorita and Jai Ho.

They had come together only three-four days ago as the word spread and they decided to have some fun.

Some participants were enrolled with a dance academy. Alice Bachy, a French national pursuing sociology at the PAU under a student exchange programme, was elated to be a part of the group.

“I wanted to learn dancing, so when I came to know about this event, I was excited,” she said. “I have participated in a flash mob once before in France, but it was more fun here,” she added.

Iqbal Singh Gill, a 66-year-old retired Army officer, said it was great fun to be part of the dance. It was fun to learn dance moves over a period of a few days. He participated in the event along with his wife.

Another PAU student from Vietnam, Levan, pursuing an MSc degree, said it was exhilarating to watch the “mob” perform.

Harjinder Kukreja, another participant, said the “flash mob” was a new phenomenon in the city and suddenly changed the atmosphere into a celebration.

Vineet, a resident of Rishi Nagar, said it seemed like they were on the streets of France as they had not seen any such thing here before.

SOURCE : The Tribune

Aisi Hai Kuch Hamari LUDHIANA ki Yaadein

January 15th, 2012

Wo Kipps Market Ki Shaam
Wo Park Plaza Ka Jaam
Wo Mall Road Ki Hawa
Wo Fountain Chowk Ki Thandak
Wo Waves Ka Mazaa
Wo Hot Breads Ka Paasta
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Wo Mobile Ki Talking
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Wo Ghar Pahunchna Exam Report
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Wo Khushi Eam Ke Ladoo
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Wo Oberoi ke Bhature
Wo Hoshiarpuri Chat
Wo Basant Ki Kulfi
Wo Rawat Ki Fruit-cream
Wo Maharaja Ka Dosa
Wo College Road Ka Samosa
Wo Activas Atke
Wo Model Town Ki Sadke
Jaha Kitne DIL Dharke
Wo Masti Ki Batein
Wo Sukh Dukh Ki Mulakatein
Aisi Hai Kuch Humare
LUDHIANA ki Yaadein..
Meri city

Hard to resist cupcakes are now catching attention in Ludhiana

July 19th, 2011

Ludhiana might be reacting to a phenomenon about seven or eight years too late, but cupcakes in the city are finally catching up with all the attention. Ludhiana’s top nautch bakery owner, Harjinder Singh Kukreja who often dishes cupcakes out for various catering assignments, says that even though he doesn’t quite do the fancy trimmings on the cupcakes, people like them anyway. “We have been making cupcakes for a long time… But it’s only in the past year or so that everyone is talking about cupcakes in this country,”says Harjinder.

While people are ordering cupcakes to perhaps be a more prominent part of a party menu, it’s not quite replaced birthday cakes for children yet. In the recent past, about three to four people have used cupcakes as the main cake itself and got a great response. For instance, you can create a whole carnival on cupcakes — so there were Ferris Wheels, balloons etc on different cupcakes and people loved it,” Harjinder says. Harjinder says that people in India still have a traditional mindset when it comes to desserts but they are slowly trying to absorb creative offerings. “I am trying to make people think small — cupcakes let you enjoy small bits of everything that would have been on a bigger cake,” adds Harjinder.

Cupcakes are becoming a huge rage in Ludhiana. Earlier, we had only heard of Contour cupcakes from NYC and London; now, Ludhiana is experiencing that transformation in the baking industry. When we first launched Cupcakes a year ago, people were quite apprehensive about buying them because they weren’t too sure if it made sense, but today we have 10 set themes of the same that are especially made for lovers, new born babies, branded ones, naughty ones and even for those who are shopaholics!” says Harjinder. Of late, our cupcakes have been making a break through in the market; at birthday parties, corporate events as well as launches these are a big hit!” he adds.

All cupcake bakers believe that the little treats are a great way to celebrate and convey feelings. As Harjinder puts it aptly, “They make great gifts because you can express exactly what you want to say on them. Recently, I made some for a baby announcement party where the new parents wanted to give cupcakes away to their guests. So I made them little icing like a baby bottle etc — they were received quite well.”

Hot Breads might not have cupcakes placed in a dedicated display counter and readily available but they are quite deft at creating cupcakes on order. Their menu ranges from colourful ones that resemble a wild animal to the chocochip cupcakes for adults that will need at least 20 minutes to finish. Their entire bakery menu is available for you to choose and order from. If you would much rather order a dozen and send them to yourself to just pamper the child in you — they are happy to oblige!

Video of Interview about the 100 kg Cake cut by Hot Breads, Ludhiana

April 4th, 2011

Video of interview about the 100 kg Cake cut by Hot Breads, Ludhiana

Hot Breads: Ludhiana’s 100 kg Cake got all the Media attention it deserved !

April 2nd, 2011

Ludhiana got the taste of the biggest and best cake in town in many many years. Youngsters in their best of attire cheered the chefs and management of Hot Breads for producing a delicious 100 kg cake to celebrate India’s win in the semi-finals of the cricket World Cup. Stalwarts like the constituency MLA Harish Rai Dhanda joined the festivity. The photographs published in leading newspapers of Punjab are testimony to the bonhomie shared by the media of the town. Even the national level channels, including NDTV India and Aaj Tak flashed it across their channels for a good part of the day.

Harjinder Singh, his father and uncles were seen “turning young” and doing the Bhangra jig to join the youth brigade outside Talk of the Town-Hot Breads at the Sarabha Nagar market, hoping that India will win the World Cup and give them another reason to celebrate.

Spare a few moments and enjoy:

Hot Breads, Ludhiana – Walk the Cake talk

March 26th, 2011

The bubbling Punjabi spirit got a French touch. The modern Punjabi’s life of fun and frolic now has a cosmopolitan haute lifestyle with the best of cakes and everything else to go with it. Young, soft-spoken Harjinder Singh who runs Hot Breads says, “We create magic with cakes.”
Located in the Sarabha Nagar upmarket, Hot Breads is Ludhiana’s own bakery, started more than a decade ago, when this city did not have one. Today you see the young and old enjoying the delectable delicacies, with mothers bringing in their children, to give them a preview of the wide range of cakes, breads, sandwiches, pizzas, buns and rolls. Harjinder Singh and his team provide custom designed gourmet cakes, which adds to the craze at your birthday or anniversary or the ‘Simply Punjabi’ fun occasion to relish French cuisine so ably served at Hot Breads. This hot spot of Ludhiana is online too so you don’t miss out the latest. This month it is going to be Honey Almond cakes. To know more, log on to and enjoy the French cuisine at your friendly neighbourhood boulangerie-pâtisserie.

Hot Breads’s cakes serve as a beautiful canvas to express your love and joy for everyone special in your life. Bon appétit.

Wedding Cakes from Hot Breads, Ludhiana (Photos)

March 9th, 2011

Honey Almond Cake from Hot Breads, Ludhiana

March 5th, 2011

If you’re a Ludhianvi, then you’re fortunate ! Ludhiana’s Hot Breads, a boulangerie sells world class cakes and their Honey Almond Cake is one delicacy you must not miss. The very thought of the cake is mouth-watering.

Hot Breads, Ludhiana is the place where truly is created the magic of cakes. Over the years, Hot Breads has earned the reputation for being the place to go for cakes to celebrate all those special milestones in your life. Whether today is special or not, you can make it special with Honey Almond Cake from Hot Breads.

For home delivery, call: +91-9878390500 (Parminder Singh)

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