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It pays to be a kid in Ludhiana!

January 18th, 2012

A survey reveals that children in city get more pocket money than kids in any other district of the country
Nitin, son of a Ludhiana-based industrialist, gets pocket money that makes many of his friends and classmates envious as they barely get about half of what he does. According to a survey, children in the city get more pocket money than kids in other districts of the country.
The results of the survey set the alarm bells ringing among parents as most were a little concerned to find their kids were flush with cash. But according to experts, giving pocket money to kids is important as they should be made to understand the value of money. In a city where mall culture is catching up, it is all the more important for children to know the value of money.

“It is necessary to make children learn the value of money before handing them out large sums of cash,” says city-based psychologist Param Saini. Children only copy the mannerisms of parents; so flaunting money would set a wrong example to their children, she says. Care should be taken to know how kids are spending the money and they should be guided accordingly.

“I give my child five hundred rupees every month and I advise him to save the money to buy the things that he wants,” says Sumit Verma, a banker. “He has learnt to save money, has bought a wallet, and purchases his stationery and other things he wants. I occasionally reduce or increase the money so that he understands how to adjust accordingly,” he says.

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