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Prakash Kaur: Real Life Hero

August 5th, 2011

In a country notorious for female foeticide, Punjab is making strides, through the work of real-life heroes, in addressing the issue, while the rest of India continues to drag its feet.

Prakash Kaur is mother to 60 abandoned girls in Jalandhar, Punjab. She has given them a life to look forward to, when their own parents wished they were dead.
No one knows when they were born. But for Sheeba, for little Zeinab and their 60 sisters, April 24 is special as it is their birthday.

Prakash Kaur doesn’t like to look back.
Sixty years ago, she too was abandoned by her parents and a local Gurdwara was what she called home.
The stories of her little ones mirror her life.

Siya was only a few hours old when she was found in a drain, wrapped in a black polythene bag. Reva a newborn was dumped on a highway off Kapurthala and it is their future that Prakash is determined to change.

1993 was the turning point in the lives of these girls. That was when Prakash set up the Unique Home for girls on land donated by the Gurdwara where she grew up.
Surprisingly, it is the works of Charles Dickens that inspire the feisty lady from Jalandhar.
Little Zeinab was found in a garbage dump, packed in a polythene bag only because she is mentally challenged. But today she is the darling of the home, bringing colour into everyone’s life.
Thus, this hole in the wall becomes the cradle of life for many like Zeinab.
But all the girls who come here make it through just fine.
Every morning the home comes alive. After a quick breakfast, Prakash and the senior girls help the the little ones get ready for school and as they step out, there is a sweet beginning for the day at some of the best schools in Jalandhar.

A brilliant student, 15-year-old Sheeba wants to become a neurosurgeon. Recognising her potential, Prakash sent her to a boarding school in Mussoorie.

“I am really proud of my mom, because I think that there is nobody like her in the world, she is God, she is a friend, she is everything to us,” Sheeba added.

Prakash lives for the girls.

Stepping out in tattered clothes, she picks out fruits for her daughters. Giving them the best in life is the only thing that is on her mind and Prakash knows there’s no shame in asking people for help.

The prayer on the lips of the girls is simple, ‘Thank you, God, for my Mama … one who is ready to die so I can live’.

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