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Ludhiana railway station haunted ?

July 17th, 2011

SOURCE: Dainik Bhaskar

Ludhiana: Reservation Centre at the railway station in the city is a place for ghost stories. A room of the reservation centre has remained closed for over seven years now for fear of a ghost.
A former Computer Reservation System (CRS) officer died due to natural reasons in 2004. Subhash, the deceased officer was said to have loved his work. People fear that his spirit still haunts the room.

Not a single officer after Subhash has dared to sit in the room. Rumors also say that whoever tried to sit there has faced difficulties and problems. Few had unreasonable fights while others even faced legal troubles.

The officers have tried everything from spraying gangajal (water of River Ganga, believed to evoke positive vibes) to performing special puja at the room. However, the room still remains abandoned for the fear of evil spirits.

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